Video 14 Oct

Sounds of Paragliding from shams on Vimeo.

Théo de Blic welcomes you to a unique experience: The Sounds of Paragliding. Listen to nature’s harmony while the young pilot rhythms the melody with aerobatic paragliding.

|| Director : Shams -
|| Sound Engineer : Thibaut Darscotte -
|| Pilot : Théo de Blic -

|| Music : Thomas Newman - Brooks was here

Video 14 Oct

JP Auclair Street Segment (from All.I.Can.) from Sherpas Cinema on Vimeo.

…in memory of one of the greatest humans ever created, truly, JP Auclair. An unbelievable skier, one of the absolute all-time best - but skiing was just a sliver of his talents, and the gifts he gave our world. His brilliantly creative mind understood the essence of progression, but it was his incredibly humble, kind, and humorous nature that brought it to reality. Hard working, optimistic, and always caring - for the environment, for humanity, for friends and family. This world needs more people like you my friend.

From “All.I.Can.” by Sherpas Cinema
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All.I.Can Official Teaser —>
All.I.Can Teaser 2 —>
All.I.Can Teaser 3 —>
The Group Shred —>
Life Is Born —>

Segment Awards:
“2012 CINEMATOGRAPHY AWARD” - Dave Mossop, Mountain Film Festival, Telluride CO
“BEST POV” - JP Auclair, Powder Video Awards 2012 
“AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD - BEST ADVENTURE FILM” - Port Townsend Film Festival, 2012

All.I.Can Awards:
“MOVIE OF THE YEAR” - Powder Video Awards 2012
“BEST FILM” - X-Dance Film Festival, SLC 2012
“BEST PICTURE” - International Freeride Film Festival, France 2011
“BEST FEATURE-LENGTH MOUNTAIN FILM” - Banff Mountain Film Festival 2011
“BEST FILM OF THE YEAR” - Adventure Film Festival, Copenhagen 2011
“PEOPLES CHOICE” and “BEST SKI FILM” - Fernie Film Festival, BC 2011
“BEST SKI FILM” - Adventure Film Festival, Boulder 2011
“BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY” - International Freeride Film Festival, France 2011
“BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY” - X-Dance Film Festival, SLC 2012
“BEST DOCUMENTARY” - IF3 Film Festival Montreal 2011
“MOST INNOVATIVE VISUAL FX” - IF3 Film Festival Montreal 2011
“AMBASSADOR OF GREEN” - X-Dance Film Festival, SLC 2012
“FULL THROTTLE AWARD” - Kye Petersen, Powder Video Awards 2012
“BEST NATURAL AIR” - Kye Petersen, Powder Video Awards 2012
“BEST EDITING” - Powder Video Awards 2012

Press reviews:
- “The best movie in skiing.” - Jamey Voss, ESPN
- “Like listening to a Zeppelin song.” - John Stifter, Powder Magazine:
- “The Sherpas are firmly in the lead of a new wave of filmmakers that are changing the face of ski films for good.” - Leslie Anthony, Skier Magazine:
- “Captivating. Fascinating. Life Changing.” - Todd Heath, BombSnow Magazine.

Interested in Stock Purchases of this and more Sherpas Footage? Check out our friends at Bigfootage

…An unparalleled cinematic experience: All.I.Can is a stunning exploratory essay that compares the challenges of big mountain skiing to the challenges of global climate change. Shot on 6 continents over 2 years, the world’s best skiers deliver inspirational performances while ground-breaking cinematography expands our vision of the natural world.

Journey through Morocco’s majestic desert peaks, Greenland’s icy fjords, Chile’s volcanic craters, Alaskan spine walls, and more. Join the revolution and experience one of the most spectacular, captivating, and thought-provoking films ever created in the action sports genre.

This segment directed by Dave Mossop & JP Auclair
Huge thanks to Arno, Joey, Cal’s family, Peck, Bone, Bordo, and the Walker and Depster kid posse - thanks for all the help!!
Location: Trail, Rossland, and Nelson, BC.
Notice anything at 0:44?

Read a brilliant article about All.I.Can and the making-of JP’s segment. Written by Arno Kopecky and published in The Walrus:

Music: Dance Yrself Clean, by LCD Soundsystem.
Receive The Sherpas future vids at:

Thanks for joining us.

Video 13 Oct

With a Little Help From My Friends // Dylan Siggers 2014 from Dylan Siggers on Vimeo.

2014 was one of the best years of my life, and I blame that almost entirely on having some wicked people to hang out with! Enjoy some of my favorite clips from this season

Title Photo
Nic Alegre-

Joe Cocker- With a Little Help From my Friends

Kalum Ko
Kevin Frank
Zac Moxley
Mikey Witlox

Video 13 Oct

A Unique Stage for a Unique Performance from Ferrari USA on Vimeo.

The Ferrari California T takes center stage as Fabian Oefner prepares for a unique performance. See the full video at

The Ferrari California T is the latest model from the California lineage. Originating in the 1950s, its name represents performance, design, versatility and freedom. Join us in the State of the Art as we explore the California T through the eyes of an artist and innovation leaders.

Video 9 Oct 1 note

Dylan Sherrard - Summer Dreamin’ from Matt Brooks on Vimeo.

Dylan Sherrard eats, sleeps and dreams gnarly things. Filmed on location at Sun Peaks Resort and the Kamloops Bike Ranch.

Video 8 Oct

Watchtower of Turkey from Leonardo Dalessandri on Vimeo.

Over than 3500 km traveled in 20 days, capturing landscapes from the bluish tones of Pamukkale to the warm ones of Cappadocia, the all passing by a great variation of colors, lights and weathers through six other cities.
I’ve crossed Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Ephesus, Istanbul, Konya; and tasted baklava, kunefe, doner, the turkish tea; and got the chance to meet the soul of Turkey, its people.. and got their smiles and their hospitality.
This is Turkey lived by me from north to south, and I hope you enjoy it :)

Directed and edited by Leonardo Dalessandri
Music: “Experience” by Ludovico Einaudi -

Voice off: Meryem Aboulouafa. You can follow her on soundcloud in the following link:

I have a new page on Facebook:
You can like it, share it, or just have a look on it :)

Watch my previous work “Watchtower Of Morocco”:

Video 8 Oct
Video 8 Oct

Chennai to Pondicherry: A Motorcycle Tour of Southern India from VITA BREVIS FILMS on Vimeo.

During a once in a lifetime trip to Southern India, we had the chance to capture some sights and sounds while we made our way from Chennai to Pondicherry on motorbikes. The trip was overwhelming and a truly eye opening experience. We at VBF knew that it would be very difficult to re-create on film the actual experience of being in India on the streets with thousands of cars, tuk-tuk’s, cows, goats, and dogs. The visuals, sounds, and smells all created a sensory overload situation that can only be experienced by being there, but hopefully this film gives you a sense of what it was like to be immersed in the surroundings and experience the amazing places along the coast of Southern India.

Directed: Skylar Nielsen
DOP: Ian Rigby
Cinematography: Lance Clayton
Music: Apparat
Words: Excerpts from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
By Robert M. Pirsig
Voice Over: Derek Partridge

Video 8 Oct

WAITING OUT WINTER from Andrew David Watson on Vimeo.

A homage to all craftspeople who spend their winters tucked inside their workshops waiting for better weather.

Brought to you by: Cast & Salvage ///
Directed by: Andrew David Watson ///
Music by: Huma-Huma ///
Radio Voice Over by: Blake Delong

Video 8 Oct

The Red Hook Crit Barcelona No. 2 Official Video from Thelema Artworks on Vimeo.

The Red Hook Crit Barcelona No. 2 Official Video

Select English or Italian subtitles using the “CC” button on the bottom right of the video player.

Join us this Saturday for the Red Hok Criterium Milano No. 5
7 Via Raffaele Lambruschini, Milan Italy

Saturday, October 11th

Qualifying: 14:30 – 17:50
Last Chance Race: 19:00 – 19:30
Women’s Criterium: 20:30 – 21:15
Men’s Criterium: 21:30 – 22:15
Podium Ceremony: 22:30 – 23:00

Click here ( for the official timing and scoring app to keep track of results on race day.

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