Video 10 Apr

How to Make a Sick Mountan Bike Edit from on Vimeo.

You might know how to make a mountain bike film but do you know how to make a sick edit?

Created by Matt Dennison

Video 31 Mar

Bookman Cup Holder from Bookman on Vimeo.

Use the Cup Holder for transporting beverages on your bikes.

It is easily attached to the bicycle thanks to the clever spring steel construction. Open the spring by pressing the rings together, place it on the handlebar and let go. The cup holder clamps down on the handlebars and sits firmly in place never losing grip even during rides over bumps and potholes.

The Bookman Cup Holder can be flipped and used with either the smaller ring or the lager ring depending on cup size. The storage cube helps flatten the cup holder and makes it easy to take with you when not on your bike.

Caution! Cover cup completely with a lid to avoid spillage.

Only suitable for cups not bottles.

Video 31 Mar
Video 25 Mar

A short film about framebuilding company Horse Cycles from Horse Cycles on Vimeo.

Producer: Steve Seidel
Producer: Sadie White
Director/Editor: Derrick Perry
Additional Camera: Aaron Koenigsberg
Graphics: The Niceness

Video 25 Mar

Plastic Whale. The plastic fishing co. from Marius Smit on Vimeo.

Wij zijn de eerste professionele plastic fishing company ter wereld! Onze missie is om ‘s werelds wateren plastic-vrij te maken. Door plastic afval om te zetten tot design objecten. Onze doelstelling is om ‘out of business’ te gaan. Overbevissing is in ons geval een positief fenomeen. We starten met de Amsterdamse grachten. Als daar geen plastic meer te vissen is gaan we nieuwe plastic-rijke wateren zoeken. Utrecht, Venetië, Bali…

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Kara Ginther Leather Studio from Steve Nelson on Vimeo.

Inspired by her study of textile design, Kara Ginther has developed a very unique style of leatherwork. Based in Columbus, Wisconsin - Kara designs and creates fantastic one of a kind leather pieces. She also works with clients directly to create custom items of all kinds.

Music licensed by: and

Video 7 Mar
Video 4 Mar

RULES FOR BETTER LIVING with Kyle Strait and Tyler McCaul from Camp 4 Collective on Vimeo.

Kyle Strait and Tyler McCaul share their deep insights into a life well lived.
And ride some bikes.

A Camp4 Edit of Grand Stupidity
Direct/Edit/Shoot Anson Fogel
Direct More Tim Kemple
Shoot More Matt Irving
Paid for by Phase One
All music Courtesy APM

Video 4 Mar
Video 25 Feb

The Aileron from Velocity USA on Vimeo.

Behold, our newest rim, the Aileron.
28mm height
25mm outer width
20mm inner width
480 grams
Tubeless compatible
Aero-tuned for 23-28c tires

Get yours today.

Also Sprach Zarathustra

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